GroutGLAZE is a restorative bonding process for grout joints. A specialized protective coating is installed to overlay the existing grout. The grout joints will be restored to like-new condition; the color of the grout can be changed if desired.


Process Steps

Step 1

Clean and prep entire surface using SaniGLAZE’s XcelKLEEN process to remove contaminants and to prepare tile and grout for application of SaniGLAZE® coatings.

Step 2

Install appropriate SaniGLAZE® protective coating over existing grout.

Primary Products Used

The coatings specified for the GroutGLAZE Process depend on several factors. Your SaniGLAZE® service professional can advise you on which coating is best.

Grout Coatings Group:

  • SaniKOTE®: Opaque armor-like coating available in a wide variety of colors. It is formulated to form-fill, making it ideal for sanded and/or wide grout joints 3/16” or greater in width.
  • High Build Glazing Compound®: Opaque armor-like coating available in a wide variety of colors. Formulated to be more viscous, making it ideal for narrow and/or non-sanded grout joints that are 3/16” or less in width. Can be used to raise height of grout joints and to replace missing grout.


  • Restores grout joints to like-new
  • Protects grout from soil and moisture penetration
  • Eradicates foul odors
  • Repels bacteria, mildew and mold
  • Simplifies maintenance